It should continue to be remembered that many Islamists consider what happened 13 years ago today as a “success”.

From My NYC Apartment Window

From My NYC Apartment Window

The rawness may be fading, but the relevance is most definitely not.

A quick post since it has been about 4 months. One thing we have done this summer is participate in the CSA at Dreyer’s.

Each week we get a box of dirty, er, organic and local vegetables in a box and have at least two “what the heck do we do with these things” moments.

Kudos to Dreyer’s for investing in their business and really taking it a leap forward.

Haven’t stopped in yet, but I am also encouraged to see a Farmer’s Market in town.

Hopefully the incoming Whole Foods in Clark will not eat into the success of these locals.

First, I think Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sums it up pretty well.

And I am not saying anything in support of Donald Sterling. The points Abdul-Jabbar makes should not be overlooked. Given unacceptable behavior, there should be consequences. For Sterling, and as was pointed out in the article, whomever released the illegal recording.

But the wrath on Sterling is reminding me of something. When I was a kid, the old 1950s version of War of the Worlds would occasionally be on television. And as a little kid, I found it impressive. The third most impressive thing was the death ray that was mounted on a long arm of the space ships. And when the ship spotted you, it would point that death ray at you and in a blaze of sound and light you would be disintegrated.

And that is what is happening very often lately. Here, and the now former CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich.

Are these transgressions Death Ray worthy? In the case of Sterling he probably deserved Death Ray treatment years ago. And if there was such a pattern, Death Ray wielders should be questioned as to what would pass their litmus test to make someone worthy of the treatment and why nothing until this explicit example, and only that, spurred the starting up of the ray.

But other recent uses of The Death Ray seem to be used on more one-off transgressions. The Death Ray is a powerful force. It is becoming a toy…something where a few people will grab it, hold it up and look to their friends and say “Watch this, I can make them turn to dust”.

I think you should find that troubling as well.

The shopping mall monstrosity up by Giants stadium, formerly known as Xanadu (that’s some marketing there; in Spanish, wouldn’t it be pronounced “Whaanadooo”?) is getting restarted after rusting, fraying, and pretty much collecting water damage for the past several years.

I posted about a few times in the past (once marveling at how 1960s High School architecture has been cranked up to 11 and another when I met an electrical engineer who worked on the project who described what a disaster it was).

But now from the ashes and the creamsicle panels, the project is supposed to be resurrected and completed by the end of 2016.

These are the Mall of America folks, so maybe they will throw in a 30=second indoor rollercoaster as well.

Back in the 70’s, before sitcoms withering in the ratings basement got started doing “very special” episodes about some disturbing topic, there would almost always be the obligatory “she’s gonna have a baby in the living room now!” episode. Or the elevator. See what I mean?

It was never a plot used in the first season when the writers still had ideas.

Well, in a feel-good story, CPD Officer Nelson Hearns helped a Cranford family do just that for real.

Congratulations. We’re glad everyone is doing well.

When the Star-Ledger Editorial Board doesn’t like something that enhances government revenues…means it’s really, really bad.

Or their editorial board are a bunch of speed-demon red light-runners.

But in this “broken clock is right twice a day” editorial, they’re right. Red Light cameras are pretty awful.

We know this personally. We’ve been tagged in Linden at Route 1 and Stiles.

We did two things about it:

We fought the ticket (losing, of course, but wasting as much of the Linden court’s time as much as we could). Yes…the yellow light is EXACTLY three seconds, so that is not a winning defense.

And we avoid going to Linden unless it is absolutely necessary. We don’t go to the movies there anymore and we check the Garwood Home Depot first. And we stop at the yellow light if we do have to go there, since we figure we’d rather save $115 even if it angers the guy in the truck behind us. (So Linden-based merchants, you may want to mention that you have fewer customers at the next council meeting…even though council probably doesn’t care.)

Red light cameras have to go.

So finally. You now can, in more than just in theory, ride direct from Cranford to NY Penn. Maybe someday it will be during rush hours.

Bernie Wagenblast was on it this morning.

What would direct service all the time mean? It will be a plus for property values as more people wanting to escape NYC will find Cranford that little bit more attractive. Maybe a slight bump for businesses as reverse commutes are a little less horrible.


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