Not far from our house is the High Street Footbridge over the Rahway River (welcome Malaysian readers, you’ll find this riveting!) which got knocked around in the April nor’easter.

Nice to see that something is going to happen.

I thought that it would be overly negative to highlight the fact that pretty much nothing has happened since then, that if it happens it will cost a fortune, and it won’t happen anytime soon. (I am not that negative a person, but so many things happen in NJ that make me see purple.)

So…Woo Hoo! They’re going to replace our footbridge with what seems to be a titanium alloy space-age model that never needs painting, has moving sidewalks, will talk to you, (“My sensors are telling me that you enjoyed your Thankgiving, Dave. You put on two pounds since your last crossing”), will automatically adjust height based upon water levels…..


You mean for $600,000 we’re just getting a plain old footbridge by the dead of winter?

And it would be negative of me if I point out that the County Freeholders could spend $117,000 and have a bridge built in Nomahegan Park in a matter of days?

Oh. Never mind.