Like many New Jerseyans, I am cynical and untrusting of our politicians and think the state is pretty corrupt.

I am not alone.  (The document is a PDF and needs Adobe Acrobat). In fact, about 60% of the population agrees with me.

But digging through the tables, Table 4 says 61% of Democrats are generally satisfied with the job State government is doing.

But in Table 5, 62% of Democrats believe that state legislators are more interested in their own financial enrichment than public service. In Table 6 73% of Democrats think that state legislators should not have public jobs (take THAT Sharpe James!).

Then in Table 7A is my favorite: 59% of Democrats think that there is a lot of corruption in the state. Table 7B validates that they think corruption is a minor problem.

But even if it is a “minor problem”, since 61% of Democrats think the state is functioning well while accepting the fact that there is a lot of corruption, what does that say about them?