The kids over on Cranford Talk, which is often unreadable because of nonsensical anonymous comments are up in arms over a proposed cell tower on Cranford Swim Club property that is coming before the local zoning board.

Reading the posts, which can be difficult at times, it seems that health concerns and aesthetics are the main issues (although the fact that one of the Board of Directors of the swim club is a Republican is appearing to be the seal of doom for this proposal).

So, two minutes of research….and a thoughtful article from what must be an unimpeachable source can be found. Here it is so I can perform a valuable service of saving you the two minutes: Article by American Cancer Society. While the authors hedge themselves a little bit, the article basically says that the towers are pretty safe.

The fact that the article is clear-headed and readable, refers to reliable sources, and the fact that if there is an organization focused on cancer awareness it is this one, should make it somewhat credible to the readers at Cranford Talk.

But it probably won’t. From the sounds of things they are going to storm the 10/15 zoning meeting and try to shout it down, citing health concerns and the ever popular property value decline issues. (Like high property taxes, the mortgage meltdown and traffic wouldn’t be bigger factors).

It’s unfortunate. While I am no proponent of eyesores, I am also no proponent to government by the shrillest.