Like a few dozen others, we subscribe to the Cranford Chronicle.

And each week we review the Police Log which basically informs us that we should always wear our seatbelt and make sure our brake lights work if we’re going to be driving around Centennial and Raritan at 3:30 in the morning. Especially if we have a bong in the car.

So week after week of bulletins about traffic stops and minor drug possessions, we were thinking that we weren’t getting the whole picture. Granted, we haven’t yet had a problem and really big things weren’t being glossed over (RIP Mary Ellen Touris), but there has to be more than late night traffic stops and the big jewel heist of 2005.

So we checked Cranford’s crime page on the Asbury Park Press site which has loads of data to check out. Turns out in 2006 we had 3 robberies, 31 burglaries, 7 auto thefts and an arson.

Maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention, but I haven’t read about at least 7 of those auto thefts, 3 of those robberies (was it the Hat Bandit?), that arson and at least 29 of those burglaries.

Cranford has a low crime rate and we like that. But wouldn’t it be a plus to have more information about local crime so we can be more vigilant?