Like many in Cranford, we’re switching to Verizon’s FIOS.  After years of increasing costs, removed channels (in the package we have at least) and disappointment with Comcast’s customer service, we’re running into the arms of the evil Verizon.

We’re nervous. We figure it will take them about 8-10 hours to get it to work. (Based upon our DSL wiring experience years ago.)

And, although we’d thought we’d have our beloved TV-35 on the Baby Bell’s system by now, we’re sticking with the plan on switching. Even though, as the TV-35 placard begs about once every 15 minutes, we’re “being patient during these difficult times” (phrasing that made me chuckle).

But on a recent busy day, we had a Comcast service outage. And the promise of a tech showing up in two days was the last straw.

So hopefully we won’t feel too cut off without the riveting programming on TV-35. It may affect our blog topics a little, but given our short attention span during town meetings, probably not.

We’ll let you know if the experience is a nightmare.