A commenter got my attention to an article on NJ.com (an aside – am I the only one who thinks that the site is designed to be an incoherent mess? It always takes a ton of clicks to find actual news.)

Here is the article. It basically says that since the CSC adjoins county park property, and since the Rahway River Parks are part of a historic district, that the Department of Environmental Protection’s Natural and Historic Resources, Historic Preservation Office (a name desperate for a zippy acronym) told a consulting firm tasked with identifying area cultural, architectural and archeological (?) impacts for Verizon that the tower would be a no-go.

On June 1.

I don’t know who sat on that little tidbit for over four months.

Anyway, I wouldn’t call the tower dead just yet. I’m sure Verizon is used to the hostile environment and has some cards yet to play – and I will bet that if it does get built it will be a fake tree that is much more realistic looking than the one on the GSP in Clark.

However, there are still some topics that may be fodder for future tirades:

1. The power of unelected bureaucrats

2. The erroneous perception of health dangers from cell towers (eyesore, yes, health danger, no)

3. The application of NIMBY hysteria so often that rational analysis, debate and decision-making for any change in the community is impossible.

(Hat tip – local)