Our new FIOS is in, it seems to be working well and there are only a couple of things that were annoying.

It did take about 6 hours – with one installer here the whole time and a second here for the last 4 hours. They ran a new wire from the pole and down the house, a big new Telco box outside and a battery backup by the breaker box. One nice thing was that they cleaned up the tangle of cables that were everywhere since the previous owner of our house must have had 37 TVs.

The signal on the TVs is pretty good. I need to learn how to remove or hide the jillions of channels that don’t matter so channel surfing is simpler, and I am not overly pleased by the fact that since I didn’t get a set-top box for the feed into my PC (which I used like a TIVO and burned DVDs), the channels I can view on the PC are very limited.

The internet connection worked right away and I didn’t have to change my current configuration, with the exception of adding a login so my outgoing emails would be sent. It is not perceptibly faster than cable at this point, but I haven’t downloaded any movies yet, either.

But overall I was satisfied with the install and hope FIOS doesn’t have problems going forward.