Today we participated in the Cranford Halloween Parade. We enjoyed ourselves and it is a fairly laid-back experience. Some of the costumes showed some good imagination – my favorites were the kid who was a piece of paper, a baby who was a frying pan and another who went as the Yankee Stadium foul pole – complete with squirrel.


But I need someone to explain the pumpkin drop to me.

I am torn between the following reasons why we do it:

1. The Cranford Jaycees are huge Letterman fans

2. It is the only time each year that our very nice hook and ladder truck actually uses the ladder up to the full 10 stories it is capable of.

3. It is to differentiate us from Westfield – which very cutely lets kids trick-or-treat at downtown merchants. But Cranford – we’re way more bad ass –  We DESTROY Stuff!

4. It is to set a good example for our children – when dropping things from a height, be sure to clear an area for splatter. And as an added plus, they’ll know what to yell and what the result is likely to be if they come across a suicide jumper.

5. People love hearing the little ones yell “Higher! HIGHER!” with a certain amount of bloodlust.

It is entertaining, and I am not against having it. But as far as down-home Halloween traditions, I still don’t quite get it.

And some of my ideas are worse (pumpkin skeet? pumpkin catapult from Springfield Park with the train station as a target? pumpkin float in the Rahway?) So be glad I don’t plan these things.