I was planning on doing some thinking on the individual questions that are on next week’s ballot. And I still hope to.

As a teaser, I think Question 1 (use some sales tax for property tax “relief”) is ludicrous and recommend a NO vote. It is like setting up a separate bank account to pay only your electric bill. It is still paid from the same income – and if your electric bill is too high, wouldn’t it be smarter to turn some lights off or call and try to get a better rate?

But Question 3 actually made me think. Overall, open space and green space is a good thing. And the amount of money that would be spent in this bond issue is not that much in the grand scheme of NJ’s looming bankruptcy.

But, as Robinson thought that $5,000 on the RVSA Privatization Study was too much, should we also think that Question 3 is too costly at a time when we can least afford it? And don’t we need to send a message to Trenton that they need to exercise just a wee bit of restraint?

The mayor of Bogota, NJ, a guy who is a lightning rod for a few other issues weighs in.