Since voting is tomorrow….here is a quick rundown on the Ballot Questions:

1. Property Tax Relief by funneling Sales Tax monies.

Useless since we pay both taxes. Cutting costs would be better. So that’s a “No.”

2. Changing the “idiot or insane person” language in determining capacity to vote.

While I don’t get much reassurance from having the population of Ancora pull the voting lever, it probably won’t be too bad to approve this change. However, I think we should require a photo ID to vote as voter fraud is a bigger problem and would rather that be a question on the ballot. A qualified “Yes”.

3. Green Acres Bond Issue

I commented on this the other day. I like open space, but at this point, we need some belt tightening on the state level and the bond issue would just let other money be spent on pet projects and other wasteful things. So a “No”.

4. Stem Cell Research

Good God! NOOOOO! Who decides who gets the grants? What is the criteria? Why is the state involved in speculative science? Is this just welfare for the remaining pharma companies left in the state?

Like California’s money being doled out isn’t enough?

It is $450 million down a sinkhole.

5. An elected Cranford Mayor

Having musical chairs every year has its pluses. It keeps anyone from getting too entrenched and I think limits the possibility of corruption. It also makes you think more about the character of the people on the Town Council since they could be mayor one day.

However, if we ever want to have a Governor come from Cranford, we’d probably need to have an elected mayor.

So remember to vote and select the candidate and ballot answers of your choice. But don’t blame me if you’re unhappy later.