As the intent of this blog is to provide some perspective on events in our town and our state, we try to be fair and will voice where we agree or disagree with what is going on. Pretty much stands that don’t warrant anonymity.

However, some anonymity is a good thing – especially as we’d like to avoid being harassed, flamed or annoyed by those who can’t resist venting at just about anyone about just about anything.

While the cloak of anonymity enables the smallest-minded to rant and swear – like the anonymous comments on CranfordTalk, (with some thoughts on anonymous commenting just recently on the Jersey Blogs), they are hard to take seriously as they are often nonsensical and moronic. Anonymous comments can be frustrating and offensive – like sifting through junk mail to get to something decent.

But libeling others (or making threats, for example) is a different story. In this instance, politicians from Manalapan want to shut down a local blogger because, they claim, that the person has too much inside information on them and they think it’s the town’s former attorney since there is a pending court case that the town brought against him. (Of all things, it is about two eminent domain house purchases where the purchasing contract didn’t throw the liability for cleaning up leaked heating oil from buried tanks to the sellers.) But when is it libel or an action by some overly sensitive politicians who want to silence dissent?  That depends, but with the postings of someone anonymous, could it be considered libel? And there’s just a couple implications on free speech to consider.

If Manalapan is successful in outing daTruthSquad, then any blogger who criticizes politicians can be at risk. (Semi-interesting aside – but one of the lawyers who is helping the town in the case that started all this is our former town attorney, Robert Renaud.)