Hmm. We have a nice new National Intelligence Estimate (PDF), and even though I don’t try to comment too much an national stuff, since there are about 6,000 others that do it, I couldn’t resist making one statement.

You mean to tell me that our esteemed intelligence community, who overestimated Soviet economic strength, who had no real clue about Osama, who told everybody that Saddam had WMDs, who told us that Iran was close to a nuke a couple years ago, and now is contradicting just about everything they said earlier, is still credible enough that NOW we should take them at their word because it makes Bush look like a warmonger and Iran is not that great a threat?

These guys have a worse record than Jimmy the Greek! (for those of you under 35, he used to pick winners – not even considering the point spread – of football games on the CBS NFL pregame show back in the 1970s. A magic 8 ball would have been a better guide, if not doing the opposite of what Jimmy said.) 

So may I suggest a grain of salt with this meal of information?