Rather than attending the December 11th TC meeting and screaming and yelling something like “HELL NO! WE WON’T GROW!”, maybe it would be more constructive for some of us to make suggestions on what we would like to see in the retail space(s) at Riverfront. Perhaps before going forward with the plan, we can research the requirements for certain retailers and see if they would be willing to commit to a lease at the pre-construction stage – preferably something more iron-clad than the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.

What about something like….

  • A Wegman’s Market Café (perhaps supplied by the Woodbridge or Bridgewater locations)
  • A smaller Whole Foods Market (They are opening a 16,000 sq. ft facility in San Francisco, so they aren’t all big boxes)
  • A Y. Lots of foot traffic – people of all ages (not just gym members), an indoor pool and other activities that would benefit the community. It would be nice not having to schlep to Westfield or Scotch Plains.
  • Citarella  – Westfielders would be PISSED if we got one and would be forced to come here for a change.

Dark Horses / I don’t think so…

  • Trader Joe’s (too close – right next door in Westfield)
  • Aldi (not their demographic and doesn’t fit their template footprint)
  • A gym – foot traffic that is members and only members. Not enough of a breadth of people to benefit other retailers.
  • Apparel – no apparel retailer would get the frequency of visits that a food store would get, plus there are plenty of nearby choices.

Got an idea of your own that’s not obscene? You can enter it in the comments.