So Corzine claims to have done the numbers and has laid out some pretty lousy choices.

Obviously pinning his hopes that people won’t think about what higher tolls will mean to them and that them “outtastaters” will take the load, he should be applauded for finally taking some steps that were long overdue, like freezing spending.

But that is still much too little.  And then he challenges us to come up with something better.

How about executing a portion of the budget cuts that he asked for departments to offer up? How about third party audits and freezing of state contracts that may be duplicative or corrupt? If he is serious, he would talk about those things.

That’s my point. He is not serious. He has not crunched ALL of the numbers. When making a financial model, the key is in the assumptions. If your assumptions are bogus, your model is bogus. He assumed that government spending is essentially fixed and in effect, should remain fixed.  That’s bogus.

In a business, when things are tight you can do two things: increase revenues, or decrease expenses. Despite union contracts, despite federal mandates, there must be plenty of things that can be done in NJ.

Crunch some of those numbers and the financial picture can look a lot different than it does now.