How predictable we are.

I’m not at all jazzed about the presidential election. Nobody does it for me, and I think the next four years will be full of higher taxes, missed opportunities and no big solutions (that make sense anyway) for health care or Social Security.

Look at what we’ve got:

McCain – Vindictive, ill-tempered position-changer who likes to think he is more important than he is, loves to make deals even though the result often has horrible unintended consequences.

Romney – Stiff and technical. How would he be able to convince Congress to give him anything signable? Plus, his Massachusetts health care plan isn’t working out.Probably done soon anyway.

Huckabee – Fair Tax? Already known to be a disaster. Besides evangelicals, who would want him?

Clinton – I actually think that her administration will be escorted out in handcuffs because she doesn’t have the finesse of her husband.

Obama – Soaring, inspirational words can’t take out the garbage. (Feeling good and hopeful doesn’t necessarily amount to accomplishment.) What price will we pay for his naivete in foreign policy?