If you’ve worked in a corporate environment, I’m sure you’ve worked with someone who was a complete boob and made just about everybody miserable. They weren’t bad enough to fire (or would definitely sue) and the boss just wanted them gone.

So what happened? They got promoted. They were sent somewhere else and they became someone else’s problem.

Ever think this is how Corzine became chief of Goldman Sachs?

Could it be same phenomenon manifesting itself with our government? Even though it makes no sense from an electibility standpoint, Corzine and Menendez are campily lobbying for VP.

What would happen if Corzine is named VP? At first blush, everyone wins. Corzine’s happy. We’re happy to be free of him. But the major downside is that he would be merely a heartbeat or conviction away from the Oval Office. And think of the damage he could do there.

(Hillary is too smart to take on a sullied northeastern politician onto her ticket. Even Bill Richardson would make more sense and he didn’t do well in his own campaign.)

Oh, well. The best we can hope for is that the toll plan dies in the legislature.