I remember when they had the referendum to legalize gambling in Atlantic City. At that time AC was a mess – you can find plenty of documentary evidence of that.

The casinos were going to rejuvenate the city! It will become resurgent as a resort destination! Condos! Malls! Hotels! Better Than Vegas!

What we got was old hotels getting imploded, a bunch of new buildings blocking the view and the rest, well, pretty much unchanged (or razed) since then. The rejuvenation didn’t really happen.

Now it seems with the new casinos in PA, the now tried-and-true Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, and the new slots at NY race tracks, is there any reason to go to all the way to AC anymore?

Turns out there isn’t and people are voting with their feet.

So why did the casinos make the counter-intuitive move to back the Corzine Toll Plan? Will that help incent visitors in any meaningful way?  Did Corzine promise to pay for (with new Toll funds, of course) a bullet train from NY that would bring drunken patrons ripe for fleecing?

Based upon what Corzine promised the mayors, he may have.