For a while, I thought that the mind-bogglingly stupid toll plan was merely a ruse – the old “first tell them they have cancer and then look at their relief when they find out it’s only VD” kind of plan.

And it may work – a lot of us will be all for higher gas taxes and drivers license fees if the toll plan goes down.

And the second part of the plan is kicking in – never bring up the patronage administration jobs, the no-shows, the duplicative functions across agencies and programs – no; go for the jugular “if we don’t get more money we’re going to have to close hospitals, slam the door in the face of your college-age kids and all the bridges will fall down” meme to get the people panicked enough to go along.

I hope we can stay strong and keep fighting this type of nonsense. After so many years of it a few of us are onto it.