Well, actually, little kids.

When we lived in NYC, after the smoking ban kicked in, we occasionally wheeled in our little one when we wanted to grab a quick bite at the local Irish Pub. With the kid sleeping, and plenty of things to look at when she did wake up, she was fine and I don’t think many people noticed.

The time we went to London on a day flight and went out to dinner with a two-year old at 11:30 at night (to the kid it was 5:30, after all), well, that was a different story.

Even though our little one has a head start to barflydom on many of her peers, we didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t too loud, it was around dinner time and it wasn’t smoky.  Would I bring a kid to a bar during Yankee playoff games or the Super Bowl? No. Early on a Tuesday night? If others aren’t going to be disturbed, why not?

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