So now our “realist” governor is coming to grips with the fact that the toll plan is not the best idea since sliced bread.

And he thinks we’re softened up enough that we’ll say “okey dokey” to higher gas taxes.

And no more town meetings. Too bad. I thought our fellow Union County citizens did us proud. I’d love to know if he actually met with the people he promised or even bothered to follow-up with the ones that he took their contact information. I would place big money on “no”.

(I feel bad for the folks dying to vent at town hall meetings in some of the redder counties like Hunterdon, Somerset, Warren and Sussex, who will probably never get their chance.)

I wonder what take-aways he had from his abridged town meeting schedule –

Did he learn that there are plenty of people who think he is weak in that he doesn’t have the guts to get the unions to make some concessions? Or conduct any serious corruption investigations or make spending cuts in general?

Did he learn that there are better ideas from the “uninformed” populace than the ones he has?

Did he learn that the 1.5% state employee contribution for health care is a complete insult to those who pay 50% privately?

Did he learn that the burdens he wants to place on us will probably succeed in making our state an economic backwater?

Naaaah. He learned that you inch the gas tax up so nobody mobilizes. He learned that implementation of the truly bad ideas is incremental. Bide the time, the money will come.

Or so he thinks.