Leap Day should be something much more special – like a rarified St. Patrick’s day. You’d still have to work and stuff but at least we could celebrate it a little more. Maybe get a little bit liquored up…you know.

Too bad we don’t have a fun leap day tradition…although we’ll now have to wait four years for the next one, here are some mediocre ideas:

– Do Something Nice for a Stranger Day – since we don’t do it every day, maybe a beefier effort could be had on Leap Day. It’s a surplus day, after all.

– Geese Guano Collection Day – Hours of fun at the Walnut Avenue School Soccer Field (maybe do that every year).

– Indoor Olympic Day – Not THOSE kind of indoor Olympics; for the kids at school in the gym.

– Indoor Olympics Day II – Okay, THOSE kind of indoor Olympics.

– Tax Free Day – since the government still gets the 365 days of revenue, why not give businesses a break? (I know, then three months worth of sales would be booked on Leap Day). Cranford’s downtown could do Park Free Day and some stupid publicity stunt to get more people to come visit.

Wow. These ideas suck. But hey, hopefully someone else will come up with something better, especially with the bar set this high. I just think it would be fun to do something a little off the wall.

Enjoy the day.

Update: At least my ideas were better than this guy’s.