I have high levels of disdain for nanny-state kinds of laws – such as the seatbelt law and smoking bans in cars with children…not that I think we should be seatbelt-less nor should fire up a Marlboro on the way to soccer practice, but I don’t think a police officer should be able to give me a ticket because of a lack of common sense.

(To the dismay of CranfordTalk posters, I wear a seatbelt regularly.)

Although the constitution does not explicitly give us a right to be idiots, making these things against the law undermines the law in general (it makes us all criminals, it just an issue of the length of our rap sheet), is a revenue grab for the state, and puts the enforcers in a tough position: the worst offenders that I saw driving around were in Cranford Police Department squad cars. And not isolated incidents – it was pervasive.

So it will be interesting to see if they modify their behavior, now that they are responsible for modifying ours.

(The ban on texting part of the law I am a little more conflicted about – what are these people thinking when they are texting while rolling around town? Especially when there are tragedies like this.)

So bottom line, we have dumber laws on the books, and while I don’t like governmental parenting, the safety concerns raised by morons chatting and not being aware of their surroundings, or worse looking down and texting, make it an unfortunate necessity to have laws like this.

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