A while back, I was highlighting some of the drawbacks of TransitChek, a bizarrely complex program that is sold as a means to let employers save money by reducing the taxable portion of earnings. With the requirement of Visa debit cards for NYC transit, it is a mess that neither employers nor users should be happy about.

One thing I would like to see is to have TransitChek be a program between the individual and the transportation entities – perhaps more like EZpass as opposed to the accounting mess that it is, with its security issues, perishable inventory, and audit requirements.

Want to see what I am talking about? Transit Chek Rules I wish they were kidding.

Wouldn’t it a better option where the individual designated a credit card to store TransitChek money, and when the deduction from their paycheck occurs it automatically sweeps the appropriate amount to their credit card? It would eliminate the on-site inventory problems, the limits on rolling over funds from card to card, and the pain-in-the-tuckus process of ordering new cards and vouchers.

The TransitChek program is to mass transit as the Pontiac Aztek was to cars.