I hate the school board elections and think it’s wrong to have voting from 2 to 9. I am an early morning voter and I couldn’t get back in time in the evening.

So here are the results (from NJ.com):


#JoAnn Boyle*
#Michael Caulfield*
#Jill Brown*
#Yes: 1,112
No: 768

So 5% of the town was able to rise up and keep sticking it to the rest of us. It is probably equivalent to the number of relatives and friends of the school employees.

Now all of the administrators can breathe a sigh of relief for another year.

And a lot of “yes” voters will continue to complain about taxes and the inability of the Town Council to hold the line on spending, even though they just closed the book on the largest expense category in town. If you voted “yes” than you should lose your right to complain.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.