So here’s Roselle Park trying to eat our COAH lunch by knocking down that wonderful Romerovski building (too bad that name never became the name it could be, like Procter and Gamble, or Ford: “Look, Honey, Isn’t it great? It took some doing, but I went all-out and got us a real ROMEROVSKI!”). Seriously, though I didn’t know that the site was: “developed by Guglielmo Marconi and from where the first U.S. radio broadcast was conducted in 1921”. I mean, I knew Roselle was one of the first towns wired for electricity, but that is a little bit cool.

Let’s see how their residents react – will they protest or thank their lucky stars?

My favorite part comes at the end of the article:

The mayor said he and other borough officials envision the site to be a galleria shopping center similar to the one in Red Bank, or the type of downtown retail redevelopment that occurred in Cranford.

Ladell responded that Cranford’s resurgence came through a downtown Special Improvement District…

Wait, does that Ladell guy mean THIS Cranford? Like, us? Did we have a resurgence and nobody noticed?