I admit that the above is a shameless headline to grab search engine results.

But this is serious. The Eagle is reporting that the County is prepared to do absolutely bupkes about the flooding, even though the problem stems from the banks of the Rahway which is….THEIR LAND, as we’ve been so callously reminded with the High Street Footbridge non-approval.

But it is our homes and streets that flood. And the project is too much for us to swallow on our own. Despite the fact that some sort of argument could be made that downstream municipalities such as Clark (also in Union County) and Rahway (ditto) would indirectly benefit from steps to control water flow in the Rahway, but shocker of shockers, the county and freeholders don’t care. Since it doesn’t have anything to do with rock bands and getting re-elected, Cranford doesn’t matter as long as the tax spigots continue to gush.

My favorite passage:

After the 2007 Tax Day Flood, the township was forced to set aside several hundred thousand dollars in emergency appropriations that they hope would be reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. However, FEMA cannot reimburse the town for these funds unless the entity that owns the dikes is clearly identified. It remains unknown when or if the county will admit ownership of the dikes.

Residents and officials expressed frustration at the county’s lack of involvement and cooperation in the face of this ongoing public safety problem.

“We’re not asking them to do us a favor- this is their property,” said Joan Varanelli, Riverside Drive resident and flood victim. “Our homes are in danger because they’re neglecting their property.”

There are those who defend our homegrown Freeholder, BJ Kowalski. Try to defend her on this. If the County behaved like adults, they should have been on this like white on rice. It HAS BEEN A FRIGGIN’ YEAR for God’s sake and they’ve done crap.

It’s not a partisan thing, its a responsibility thing. It’s not like they’re broke (at least not like we are) and have nobody to answer the phone.