On one level, this is funny.

This is the complaint filed on the mayor of Orange, who thought that a great way to get about $5,000 in walking around money would be to attach those little “guest check” stubs to expense reports and make up some fictitious credit card slips.

Great idea, you say? Even when writing them out with his other hand (and consistently at that)? Even though they were often in sequential control number order? Even when submitting the yellow and white copies of a credit card slip while deftly altering the date on one of them for use in a later report?

I’m struggling with the main takeaway from this. Is it that the level of contempt for the taxpayers is so high, the sense of entitlment so great and the knowledge of exceedingly lax oversight would create such behavior?

Is this the tip of the iceberg with regard to his self enrichment (this being the low hanging fruit to indict on)?

Or is he just a greedy idiot?

One thing’s for sure: no style points on this one.