One thing I was thinking about is that Cranford doesn’t really have enough usage of water to qualify for the very lame moniker of “Venice of New Jersey”. The moniker itself makes me smirk, but the fact is we don’t really deserve it.

And with the Town Council making the new Riverfront developer squirm, here’s an idea I’d like to throw into the mix.


Why not?

If there is going to be a mixed use, you can make it into a bona fide attraction (like the waay overrated San Antonio River Walk).

By creating some canals, you have the opportunity to do something really different. We went all the way to Brugge (or Bruges) Belgium once when we were in Europe just because they had some canals. Build a couple nice little bridges, some townhouses with flower boxes, an outdoor cafe and we’re in. The main downside is that bridal parties will mob the space on sunny weekends taking pictures.

It may, with the right design, help alleviate some of the flooding problems.

I’m telling you. Canals are the way to go.