I don’t think that losing US ownership of Anheuser Busch is something worth trembling about. No national security risks here.

Yes, some or all who work in the Newark brewery may be very nervous, and it would be a shame if it got shut down. What else would we look at when stuck on Routes 1-9 near the airport if they took down the spinning A sign?

Who else should be nervous? The networks broadcasting the Super Bowl. Would Coke and CareerBuilder spend enough to pick up the slack?

My guess for the main reason for the purchase? Believe it or not, they’ve hoodwinked the Europeans into thinking that American Bud is actually good and the hip thing to drink. There’s little if any growth in the American market so it’s other markets that they want to exploit.

But if they made their American products taste better and use less rice (I swear that Bud hangovers are the absolute worst)…I’d be along for that.