Things have been busy with little blog time and I came across this item last week about our pals living a little way down South Avenue – Fanwood.

While there is fat in every level of government (approximately 1% of the residents are town employees?), socking it to the most transparent and most directly accountable level of government kind of sucks.

While all this is being done to protect the faceless bureaucracies in the county and state.

I still believe (and I see that Don Sico (item #2) sees it the same way) that county government is the level that should be focused on, with a smarter regionalization than Revolutionary War-era boundaries, with some excellent opportunities to cut redundant costs.

But I am pessimistic. The quest to kill the small towns will probably be a success.

So why don’t we take a look at annexing Garwood and snap it up before Westfield or Clark does? Think about the better utilization of the capacity in our schools. The possibilities in screwing them out of services like local road paving and fewer police patrols to save money. A slightly broader pool of talent for high school sports. A more pleasing border outline on the map. A place for us to throw our COAH housing.

And these great reasons I came up with without even seriously thinking about it!

I’d get some lawyers on this and send them the offer if I had anything to do with it.