Is this one.

A long time ago, I spontaneously bought a Rangers Mini-Plan halfway through the season. Took some friends to games, sold a couple. The seats were awful – at the top of the “blues” (even though the Garden switched to a “Miami Vice” color scheme of purple and teal by then). If you stood up the scoreboard was blocked by the floor of the Luxury Suites on top of our heads. As the season progressed, it would get pretty warm up there.

We got to know the people around us – old time hockey fans like the couple from Pelham who were hardcore, and the guys from Long Island in front of us. Solid folks. 

So the playoffs came around and I vacillated at buying the tickets. Despite the outlay, I bought them. The worst that would happen would be a first round loss and I’d get most of my money back.

It was pretty cool. My friend Gregg went with me for most of the games. When he couldn’t make it, my friend Dan came along. Which worked out well until Game 7 of the Devils series (the one where the Devils tied it up with 7 seconds left) and Dan comes out of the closet as a Devils fan. While I sort of knew, the people around us were not too pleased and Dan moved a couple of sections down for the overtime for his own safety.

Did I mention this was in 1994?

After the season ended, I got a renewal pack from the Rangers. No more mini-plans. Price Hikes. Only full season tickets. The announcement that Keenan was gone, as were most of the aged relics that were former Edmonton Oilers. Zero chance of repeating and every decision announced by the team after that seemed off the mark.

I have never been back to the Garden.

And I don’t plan to. Well, maybe if there are new owners that seem to have a clue.

That’s why I like  the headline – most hockey fans would have similar sentiments.