Went with the family to the circus tonight at Hillside Avenue School.

While it was good, wholesome, family entertainment, what impressed me (besides the usual stunts and acrobatic stuff) was their strategy for maximum wallet extraction. It was fabulous.

Ticket? Not so bad. 8 bucks if you go to the UPS Store or see Charlie at Back to Nature in advance. But once you’re there… Camel Ride? 5 bucks. Pony Ride? 5 bucks. Picture with a snake? 5 bucks. Light saber? 8 bucks. Whistle (which I regret since my ears are ringing even now) 1 buck. Not to mention the blow-up animals and refreshments that we didn’t consider for purchase. By the time people leave, average soakage per kid is probably close to $20 to $25. Pretty impressive.

There are lessons to be learned here. Couple the wallet lightening with the multi-use of equipment, performers doing multiple acts, and livestock doing triple duty and you can see they are wringing everything they can from this gig.

If only more entities could do that – maximum wallet extraction is done often, but using everything and being efficient, not so much.