So the Governor Corzine-appointed NJ Job Czar, Gary Rose is resigning.

Aside from the obvious observation that no “Czar” has been very successful. (I mean, how’d the US “Drug Czars” do, or any health czar, or crime czar, or even Nicholas II?). I’m never, ever letting anyone call me a czar.

Mr. Rose’s big successes? Keeping two companies (out of god knows how many) from bailing the state, setting up a website AND a toll-free number.

Shockingly, it is assumed that the state bureaucracy got to him.


Let’s use an example to see how life would be in Mr. Rose’s shoes:

Suppose your boss wants you to market a new sports drink the company has developed.

“We need a national launch and publicity campaign in the next two months.” says the boss.

Tough, but somewhat doable; difficult to do right in that amount of time.

“You have a budget of $1 million for the launch.”

Wow. That’s it? Okay, small print ads, late night cable tv buys, some publicity stunts – maybe a viral video on the cheap to create some buzz.

“Focus groups say it tastes a little like pee.”

After wondering for a second how people in a focus group would know what pee tastes like, you visibly shudder.

“It has over 100% of the FDA limit for daily sugar intake and is 450 calories per bottle. We’ve also had some production problems with formaldehyde leaking into the production vats, but testing has told us that no lasting damage would occur outside of infants and the elderly, so we’re going ahead with the intro.”

You’re starting to feel numb.

“And we’ve set a target price of $8.99 per 12 oz. bottle. Oh, and if you don’t beat out PowerAde and Gatorade by the second month after launch, you’ll be fired and I’ll make sure you’re blackballed in the industry.”

Now you have some insight into how Gary Rose must have felt.