Apparently we’ll soon be losing the architectural wonder that is the Romerovski building in Roselle Park, as the lure of greater property tax ratables is just too strong.

While it isn’t a masterpiece, it is interesting and historic. Here’s the proof:

Actual Historical Sign

Actual Historical Sign

Not every historical building can be saved – what kind of high-maintenance gargantuan museum could this be? Or if Roselle Park took it over and carved up most of the space for small business incubation? Or maybe make it the back nine of Hyatt Hills (just picture the golf carts heading up Walnut and making a right onto Lincoln)? None of those options would throw off enough cash for Roselle Park as an oddly laid out Foodtown or yet another mini-mall with a (insert major drug chain name here) would. 

So, courtesy of Roselle resident Stan Rogousky, we have some neat shots of the building before it goes the way of Bradley Box Co. and the Round Bank. Such as this:

and this:

If you want to see all of the shots, click here.  Please note that Stan owns the images, so if you want to do anything with them, you’ll have to ask him.

Have a great Fourth.