Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m not a Baby Boomer, but an older GenXer. This article underscores the fortunately, with a sledgehammer over the head saying “lighten up, Francis”.

It touches on something that has bothered me for a long time – why haven’t these people grown up? Maybe it’s nostalgia or the fact that my cynicism has grown since my college years, but looking at the Greatest Generation members I knew, most seemed to have a sense of worldliness, decorum, service, class and an understanding of the importance of doing what was right, and not what was desired.

Boomers, not so much.

Well, not ALL of them, but too many of them. And I don’t refer to left or right, both sides have many in this very large boat.

I thought that there was some point in life where that switch would be thrown and the person becomes a grown-up. Like Marriage? Kids? Now with regard to boomers I’m thinking, Retirement? Death?

Is their behavior what results from having a nice childhood? To create grown-ups, are economic troughs and harrowing worldwide conflict during the formative years the answer?

So that leads me to thinking…maybe I should make my kid more miserable so she will have a sense of mission and purpose to make the world truly better and becomes a more rational adult.

She’ll thank me later.