I got home late last night and caught the last 15 minutes or so of the Freeholder meeting being shown on TV35.

It was pretty funny. The last three speakers were all spitting mad at the doings and sayings of Tina Renna (with whom, for the record, I often disagree, but our sites link to each other as we’re considered to be “Union County Sources”). I must admit, though, she has on occasion done some decent muckraking on the county.

What struck me is how completely and permanently she has gotten under the Freeholders’ skin. If it wasn’t for the poor video quality (my high school had better equipment) you could probably see the neck veins bulging and the faces redden.

It was all Tina hatred, all the time.

It was great.

I’m not saying Tina’s right, and I’m not saying the Freeholders are. I am saying that given the way that the county is being run and the way the dollars are being spent, I was not upset that they are miserable. If things are this bad, should our county be focusing on MusicFest and trying to open a children’s museum? Priorities anyone?

But I was surprised by how they are dealing with Tina’s allegations. If the allegations were really made by the local nut that they make her out to be, why give them this level of attention? Why get this upset? It leads me to a different conclusion than the Freeholders want me to draw.