So Neil Cohen, Deputy Assembly Speaker from Union / Roselle is busted for having child porn on his office computer.

From PolitickerNJ:

Cohen under investigation for child pornography

Multiple sources say that Democratic Assemblyman Neil Cohen is under investigation by state authorities over allegations that he had child pornography on his legislative office computer.

According to the sources, Cohen has reportedly checked into a nearby psychiatric facility and has not yet been arrested.

Contacted on her cell phone, Cohen chief-of-staff Gleisha Gibens said “no comment.”

A spokesman for Attorney General Anne Milgram could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, the Star-Ledger reports that authorities were tipped off by fellow Union County legislators Ray Lesniak and Joseph Cryan.

Cryan and Lesniak issued a statement on the matter, writing “As the facts became apparent in our office, we notified the appropriate agency and will continue to assist in any way possible. While it was our proactive steps that led the investigation to this point, we are appalled at what has transpired.”

The Bergen Record also has a version also has a version of the story that points out that Cohen sponsored a bill in 2001 that created a computer hotline to report child pornography and other cyber crimes.

Cohen, who’s held the office since 1994, is the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly. He is chairman of the Banking and Insurance Committee and authored a stem cell research bill earlier this year.

Today’s news shocked Cohen’s colleagues from both sides of the aisle. Assemblyman Jon Bramnick, a Republican form the neighboring 21st district, hoped the news wasn’t true.

 “Obviously everybody’s innocent until proven guily. I’m in absolute shock because he’s such a passionate legislator and so committed to the underdog. It’s hard for me to believe it’s true,” said Bramnick. “All I want to say is that I just really like the guy, and I hope that it’s not true.”

Not to minimize the really awful behavior of kiddie porn viewing, and maybe it’s because I just read the Soprano State…I actually thought for a minute that Lesniak and Cryan reported this now due to Cohen’s position on the Banking and Insurance Committee. To think that they would wait to bring the hammer down only when it was politically expedient, wow, that’s how cynical I’ve become.

I really hope I’m wrong on that. And if Cohen did it, well, he should get what he deserves.