With the exception of the sadness we feel for little Jacqueline McGreevey, with her family in pieces, her dad smirking as he puts his checkbook away and her mom probably fuming quietly everyday…

Come on obscurity!

I can’t wait for the day that these fine examples of New Jerseyans are only an answer to a trivia question.

I’m still feeling some pangs for the kid. With no great largesse, time or attention showered on her by her father, and her mother probably hopelessly embittered (unless that was just a misguided and unconvinciung act for the benefit of the judge), how will her life be?

How will her Christmases be? Will we be hearing of her problems and possibly going to Juvie in ten years? Will she pop up as a reality show contestant? Or will she be smart, angry and have something to prove in 25 years when she runs for Governor herself?

Like sometimes the children of hippies can become their own people and comfortable in their own skin, I hope Jacqueline finds her way to do the same. With the hand she’s been dealt genetically and environmentally, I am not as optimistic as I’d like to be.

Good luck Jacqueline, you’ll need it.