So Saturday is the one-year anniversary of this blog.

Since it’s my blog, let’s do some needlessly sentimental navel gazing to observe this milestone!

* So far there’s been 215 posts. A few more I drafted and never uploaded…and it retrospect, it’s probably for the best.

* The blog grew from 0 to average over 1000 reads a month. Not huge, but not awful. We’ve gotten lots of hits from CranfordTalk, CountyWatchers, daTruthSquad and from JerseyBlogs at the Star Ledger. Thanks!

* Amount of revenue generated from ads: $0. One of these days I’ll have to figure a way to monetize this asset…maybe set up a NJ Blogger Syndicate (NJBS) and issue some bonds.

* Vents from wife about spending too much time on it: 3.

* Most popular post (search engines looking for a specific topic): Secaucus parking, of all things

* My favorite posts:

* My major takeaways from one year of blogging:
– NJ is a worse political cesspool than I ever imagined.
– It will be impossible to do any kind of truly visionary development project in Cranford for at least a generation due to the current NIMBY culture.
– That I would never want to run for Township Committee. God help those people with what they must put up with.

* Number of Posts I Regret: 0. Some posts were dashed off without much thinking. My main concern is that someone thinks I am actually serious sometimes.

* Best badge of honor: Is there anything better than being called a windbag and a pompous ass on CranfordTalk? Made my day. I’m not saying I’m not those things, but I’d rather do this blog than libel others as “Guest”.

Will I do this for another year? Can’t tell. I know that I don’t have the time to make the blog as good as it could be, and I don’t know if I will get the chance to put in that time. One possibility is the opening up to guest bloggers, but we’ll see.

In any event, thanks for reading. If a post gave you some news, made you think, changed your opinion on something or made you chuckle, then I’m glad.