After the big vote to “see if switching to a more powerful mayor vs. town council format should be studied”…

And the study says we don’t like it.

Like the prevalent NIMBY mindset of all change being bad, this proposed change succumbed to the desire not to rock the boat and due to expected citizen apathy.

My opinion is that the Town Council, while somewhat dysfunctional, has its pluses. By moving things around, no one gets overly entrenched (and vulnerable to corruption). (See former Linden Mayor Gregorio). By having five equal voices, maybe some things don’t get pushed through, but in an era where anything being pushed through (aside from cutbacks) is frowned upon, is that bad?

As I said before, if you ever want the Governor to hail from Cranford, then he/she would have to be a powerful mayor, not a one of five Town Councilman. Other than that, I don’t see much of a point in switching formats.