Since we have so much fun talking about how Governor Corzine’s approval ratings are in the tank, and some Palin woman has sky high approval ratings, I thought it would be interesting to see how in general all the governors were doing.

I’m no big poll guy, but now and then it is interesting to cast a cynical eye at some.

So, according to Rasmussen, 75% of our citizens here in NJ give Jon at best a “meh”. Ouch.

Who else would get booed off the stage?

* Rod Blagojevich (D) of IL – 83% “meh” (Wow. He spends like crazy and seems corrupt as hell.)
* Jim Gibbons (R) of NV – 76% “meh (Wouldn’t be the same story if he was in NJ – he’d blend)
* John Baldacci (D) of ME – 73% “meh” (Whatever he did, downeasters don’t like it.)
* Arnold (R) of CA – 70% “meh” (Callie IS a mess, though)
* Jennifer Granholm (D) – 69% “meh” (another state with an exodus of jobs)
* Mike Easley (D) of NC – 65% “meh” (sales tax hikes can do that)
* Matt Blunt (R) of MO – 64% “meh”
* Ernie Fletcher (R) of KY – 61% “meh” (which is interesting, since he hasn’t been GOVERNOR FOR OVER NINE MONTHS – nice job, Rasmussen)
* Martin O’ Malley (D) of MD – 60% “meh”
* Ed Rendell (D) of PA – 59% “meh” – How’s the plan to make Route 80 a toll road working out for you? (60 % was the cutoff, but his Route 80 toll plan is just about as dumb as Corzine’s.)

Who’s kicking butt?

* John Hoeven (R) of ND – 73% Good or Excellent (the 8 people left in ND love him)
* Mike Beebe (D) of AR – 68%
* Jon Huntsman (R) of UT – 68%
* Dave Heineman (R) of NE – 66%
* Sarah Palin (R) of AK – 64%

What, you want conclusions?

How about noticing that deep blue states don’t have much gov love, regardless of party?

How about noticing that corruption and indictment generally don’t play well?

How about noticing that there are a bunch of governors in fly-over states that are loved, and with one exception, us NJ-ers probably never heard of them?