How was Day 2 of MusicFest?

Great question. We blew it off without even checking that it would be canceled. I would have liked to see a couple of acts, but family demands won out over the prospect of sitting in a mud puddle.

So I assume that the acts will be paid, the county officers will get their overtime and the poor Freeholders will forever mourn the fact that they didn’t get the chance to scream “Okay Union County! Nomahegan Park is now the Love Shack! Here are the B-52s!” or something similarly inane.

So here are some tips for the Freeholders:

1. No WalMart stage.

2. No Friday Night if UCC classes are in session. Actually it probably increased the cost a lot with overtime by having a second day. Two days is nuts (actually, one day is nuts, but…) We just don’t need 20 bands.

3. A rain date, maybe?

4. Maybe move it towards a charity event, charge admission (with tax deductible receipts), soak sponsors and still the Freeholders would be able to get their mugs in front of the crowds so they can say hello and make a lame introduction. Saving us at least a million in the process (very quick back of the envelope guess of hard and soft costs.