Last year I wrote about my experience on this day in 2001.

The anniversary this year was, surpisingly, more matter of fact. Could it be the fact that I am focusing more on my business? Or the din of the presidential campaign? Or the fact that we are now starting to stage raids in Pakistan and making some progress on getting the al Queda guys?

Or is it just because it is seven years now, no one I know has been hurt or killed by Islamic extremists lately and our lives have changed a lot since then? I lived on the west side of Manhattan then and saw the attacks firsthand. Not long after the attacks, my wife framed a picture of the towers and mounted below it the business cards of some of the people I knew who died that day. And I’m thinking about how much living I have done since I was given those business cards. Trips. Parenting. New Business. The move to suburbia. As a Cranfordian my life is very different.

We are lucky. Luckier still that there hasn’t been one or more sequels to those attacks in our country.

When even I, as an eyewitness, start to let the memory settle I can only imagine what others who weren’t connected at all feel now. Probably not much. I hope we don’t let our guard down too much as a result, because these people will bide their time and wait to strike again.

From My NYC Apartment Window

From My NYC Apartment Window