As mentioned previously, we live on the south side. And we take Walnut Ave multiple times a day. We live pretty close to Walnut, but we don’t live on it.

I understand the appeal of making the road 25.

Even though we pull out onto it all the time, I don’t agree with it. Not the whole length anyway.

For the length of road from Clark to Chester Lang It will be a boon to Cranford PD as they will be able to write tickets even more than they do now. But from a road width standpoint, grade standpoint and density standpoint, 25 doesn’t make sense. I could see a left turn lane on Northbound Walnut for Chester Lang Place, maybe even a light there as it is a crosswalk (with weight sensors on Chester Lang and push button walk signals, of course – it is a county road after all and we know they’re loaded with cash since the cancellation of Day 2 of MusicFest).

But until you hit Walnut Ave School it is still safe enough to do 35. A light at Chester Lang may make more sense than a speed reduction so there are more pauses in traffic and the Walnut Ave residents can have an easier time pulling out. Once past Walnut Ave School the road is reasonably wide and in good condition, and 35 is safe to Lincoln.

I could see the block between South and Chestnut, and the block from Chestnut to Lincoln being 25, as they are denser and more “downtown”, but anything more than that to me is the agenda of a few creating a cost to many.

Maybe the NJDOT will agree with me.