This article made me laugh:

Jon Corzine won the governorship three years ago by using integrity as an issue, saying he would not be bossed by political warlords or bought by special interests.

But a confidential poll commissioned by Corzine last month shows more than half of New Jersey’s voters question the first-term governor’s integrity because of his relationship with ousted state-worker union leader Carla Katz.

More than half believe e-mails between Corzine’s office and Katz should be released, and 49 percent say they “have lost confidence in Corzine because of the Katz controversy.”

In an interview, the governor sought to downplay the findings of the opinion survey conducted by his longtime pollster, Doug Schoen, but said it is an important step as he plans a bid for re-election next year. The Star-Ledger obtained a section of the poll’s summary pertaining to Katz.

“We need to be realistic about what are the concerns and considerations of the public,” Corzine said.

While the Katz issue does smell, his integrity is in the tank because, well he hasn’t shown it in general. He’s made excuses, reformed nothing, and hasn’t lifted a finger in any meaningful way on ethics reform (his dual-office ban is a joke, for example). He’s been remarkable in being unremarkable.

What gets me is that even with this low esteem of him by those polled, and his approval rating in the dumper (as we noted a while back), he’ll probably still win re-election with 55% of the vote.