One thing that has been slightly amusing is the Rutgers Stadium controversy, where Greg Schiano, as part of his plan to make Rutgers a national football power, pretty much had it stipulated in his contract that the stadium undergo a massive expansion.

And to pay for it, NJ taxpayers are footing most of it, and the private donation portion has been, well, anemic.

And now it comes to light that the school has gotten an additional back-door amount of over 2 million the past couple years. And the article included this sad quote:

Patrick Diegnan (D-Middlesex), chairman of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, said he was also troubled.

“The Rutgers football program in particular has done more to invigorate the pride of the state of New Jersey than any other single event over the last decade. That’s nothing to ignore,” he said. “But that does not mean that those dollars should not be accountable and transparent and justified publicly.”

So there’s a testimony to McGreevey and Corzine: for the past 10 years, the fact that Rutgers appeared to suck less than usual is the end-all beat-all event. And no wonder NJ has self-esteem issues.

Anyway, as this season Rutgers is going back to the normal Rutgers Football of the past 25 years do we need to spend a bunch of money to construct what will be 14,000 empty seats?

Maybe Coach Schiano will look the other way and not invoke his delay in construction clause to break his contract. Maybe because other big-time schools won’t be so hot for him after this season.

If I were Corzine, I’d be doing what I could to kick this can down the road.