I do.

Way back when I ordered FIOS. We’ve been on it nearly a year and overall, I’d say it’s acceptable.

But that Free TV promotion? Not so much.

After at least a half dozen phone calls to customer service, and promises that the TV would show up in the next 6 to 8 weeks each time, after a year we have:

No TV.

Do I think they’re lying? Yes. I do.  Why?

They wouldn’t confirm the conversations in writing. They wouldn’t provide any notices, any Claim Number, any Case Number. That sounded very fishy to me at the time. And I was right.

At first I thought that they were trying to kick the TV promotion down the road so that their profitability didn’t get smacked around as hard.

Now I think they’re just plain deceptive and trying to wiggle out of a promotion that was too expensive and is now considered to be a mistake.

And their method to wiggle out of it is by saying “yes” to us to death and kick the can out for a few months so that we either eventually forget or give up.

God forbid someone blogs about it.

I have not been a fan of Verizon. While FIOS compares favorably to cable, you have to remember that cable’s a pretty low bar to clear. 

But making the TV promotion bogus? That violates a bagful of FTC rules and someone should call them on it.