I’ve gotten about a half-dozen fliers like these that rant about some minor issue over the past month. I usually confuse them with the Comcast ads that we get six times a week (one minus of FIOS) and place them directly into the recycling.


But before I pitched it, I actually read it. Oooh Lance voted against early warning of mass layoffs.

And then I gave it the usual nanosecond of thought.

What a waste of an ad.


Because it assumes that NJ is going to be the state of mass layoffs (which it will be) and an early warning of layoffs is actually important (which it isn’t). The warning isn’t important…the severance packages are.  An early warning gives people time to sabotage work, steal supplies, talk amongst themselves and call in sick due to interviews.  Little warning and a nice severance…people get time to focus and look for work, or relocate, and the company gets the hell out of NJ with its quality reputation mostly intact.

So why do a mailing about this?

Wouldn’t it be better if our representative on Capitol Hill focused on keeping the big employers here? By letting them have a environment where they can produce and be profitable here in the ol’ USA?

Rather than complaining about getting six months notice that our jobs are toast?

So, Patriot Majority of 2100 M Street, NW of Washington, DC and NO PHONE NUMBER… thank you for opening my eyes about this critical issue. Leonard Lance did the right thing – for the employer and the employees and I had no idea until I got this mailing.