Last Monday, this poor guy had no idea his life would be like this by today.

Here’s something to ponder…if 95% of small businesses currently make under $250,000 – what do you think the percentage will be if you tax the living crap out of them on income over $250,000?

Pat yourself on the back if you said something closer to 100%.

Best career choice for the next decade? If you guessed CPA, pat yourself twice.

Can we have an economist run for president one of these days?

UPDATE: Wow. Some people are moving fast to ruin Joe’s day if not get him to be outright unemployable. Nice. But He doesn’t have his own plumbing license! That is tough to do since in Ohio because you have to be a tradesman in the industry for five years then take the test and pay a fee before you can get your license. His crime, other than asking a question that most people wouldn’t like the answer to is that he didn’t properly identify himself as a plumber’s apprentice or as a tradesman. For that, he must be destroyed! 

Perfectly logical.